PDK 78. STRAIGHT FRAME '51xx' 2-6-2 TANK.
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Etched brass body with pre - rolled boiler, whitemetal castings, lost wax brass castings, sprung buffers and turned brass detail parts.

Detailed nickel silver chassis with all outside motion and optional beam compensation. All bearings included.

We recommend Markits Wheels.

Driving Wheels - GW 22.66mm 18 Spoke, Pin Between x 6, Axles x 3 and Crankpins.

Front Pony Wheel - 12mm 10 Spoke Inside Bearing x 1.

Rear Pony Wheel - 15mm 10 Spoke Inside Bearing x 1.

Motors and Gearboxes are available from High Level and Branchlines.




Payment is via paypal or debit card above. Alternatively I can take card details over the phone or you can send a cheque made out to P. A Hill.

Postage and Packing is £6.00 for kits.