PDK 29. LNER/BR GRESLEY 'D16/3' 4-4-0 (Plain Valences).
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Etched brass body and tender with pre - rolled boiler, whitemetal castings, lost wax brass castings, sprung buffers and turned brass detail parts.

Detailed nickel silver chassis. All bearings included.

We recommend Markits Wheels.

Driving Wheels - 28mm 21 Spoke, Pin Between x 4, Axles x 2 and Crankpins.

Bogie Wheels - 15mm 10 Spoke Inside Bearing x 2.

Tender Wheels - 16mm 10 Spoke Inside Bearing x 3.

Motors and Gearboxes are available from High Level and Branchlines.




Payment is via paypal or debit/credit card above. Alternatively I can take card details over the phone or you can send a cheque made out to P. A Hill.

Postage and Packing is £6.00 for kits.