We specialise in the manufacture of British Outline ETCHED BRASS locomotive kits in both 'OO' and 'EM' gauges. All kits are designed to the most accurate standards and have detail accessories in TURNED and CAST BRASS, plus others in cast WHITEMETAL. Fully illustrated instructions are supplied plus specific information about the history and detail changes that would have been applied to a class over its lifetime (such as livery changes, or tender changes). A full back up and advice service is operated, giving assistance to the modeller should it be required. If we cannot help over the phone then we ask the customer to send back any part of a kit that is a problem and complete that part for them.

Please note: Wheels, motor and gears etc are not supplied in the kits.

We recommend MARKITS wheels for our kits.


18/02/24 - I will be closed on the following days due to a family member requiring hospital visits; 19/02/24, 21/02/24, 23/02/24, 27/02/24 and 29/02/24.

16/12/23 - PDKs 30 & 31 (B17) are back in stock and PDK 69 (31xx) is now available.

17/11/23 - The following kits are back in stock - PDK 5, PDK 23, PDK 28, PDK 54.

09/11/23 - Unforunately its become necessary to increase postage prices. Please see the contact us page for details.

03/11/23 - Its taking longer than expected to replenish etching stock after the demise of one of our etchers. A couple of tools have been lost in the process, so they will have to be redrawn.

The following kits are out of stock at the moment.

PDK No.s - 13, 14, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 32, 41, 42, 43, 45, 45a, 59, 63, 64, 74, 76, 78.

For payment details, overseas p+p and delivery information please see the method of payment section on the contact us page.

New Kits:

PDK 69 - The GWR/BR 31xx is AVAILABLE NOW.

In Progress:

LSWR T14 4-6-0, LBSCR K 2-6-0.

New kits Planned:

GWR/BR 48/14xx 0-4-2t, LNER A5 4-6-2t, K2 2-6-0, Rebuilt Turbomotive 'Princess Anne', LSWR T14, LBSC K Class Mogul.





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We provide a service for building and painting both our own and other manufacturer's kits. Examples of locos we have produced can be seen in the Gallery. Price is on application, please write or E-Mail to P. A. Hill at the address below. Please include as much detail about the model you require as is possible, including minimum track radius on your layout.